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We’ll tell you the truth and won't waste your time.

We know you have many demands on your time. We’ll get to the point, won’t embellish, and if things aren’t a perfect match for everyone we’ll respectfully move on.

Do you need a Subject Matter Expert who can deliver outsized contributions?

Written job descriptions are a good place to start but often aren’t complete. We'll ask plenty of questions to make sure we understand the real essence of the skills you require.


We'll reply with a resume, maybe two, of tightly matched and interested candidates whom we have interviewed. Clients often select a candidate from those initially presented. 

Are you a Subject Matter Expert with a Service Attitude?


We know that recruiters call you all the time and promise the world. As our prospective candidate for a SME engagement, we won’t purposefully mislead you in any way. We'll tell you the facts and then you decide. 


If you’re looking for challenging opportunities and rewarding professional relationships, we’d appreciate a chance to talk with you.

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